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Innovation through Technology

Parex USA is proud to introduce the first dry acrylic finish in the market. Dry-Tex is a breakthrough product in the architectural coatings and finishes industry. The impressive result of more than five years of global research that combined ParexGroup R&D teams worldwide and the input from experts in the field. Dry-Tex, the first dry acrylic finish on the market.
Dry-Tex is the only product that delivers acrylic finishes to job sites in a revolutionary way though propietary dry polymers.

The benefits of this technology are universal. Parex USA has developed a high-quality product that is lighter, environmentally friendly and helps builders and contractors address key concerns that affect virtually every area of their business. Dry-Tex is a finish with profound and far-reaching impact. As a significant advancement that offers a host of key advantages, it is sure to become a cornerstone for the development of new and important products in the future.

Parex USA, an American corporation based in California, is a subsidiary of the ParexGroup and backed by a global network which provides access to technology, innovation and trends from around the world. Parex USA has 9x manufacturing and distribution centers throughout the United States. Parex USA is a leader in the fields of specialty chemicals and ready-touse mortars. With an ongoing commitment to green initiatives such as low VOC finishes, light-weight and dustless mortars, Parex USA offers a complete line of innovative products for EIFS, stucco, and tile and stone installation systems.

Economic Advantages

Today, finishes are delivered to job sites in plastic pails as wet products. By removing the water from the product and using our advanced dry polymer technology, Dry-Tex provides numerous unique benefits that cannot be duplicated with traditional wet finish.

Less Weight Means More Portability
Traditional finishes are much more expensive to ship. By shipping the product dry, Dry-Tex eliminates close to 40% of the weight. Considering that most finishes are shipped at least twice – from the manufacturer to a distribution partner then on to a job site – this creates a 40% freight savings.

Less Weight Means More Productivity
Productivity stays high on projects that use Dry-Tex because workers suffer less fatigue from hauling heavy pails around the job site. This also directly relates to fewer injuries and the associated costs incurred.

Less Water Means More Climate Compatibility
Taking the water out of Dry-Tex eliminates the freeze-thaw stability issues associated with wet acrylic finishes. This amazing product will not react to freezing temperatures, thus eliminating the need for heated transportation and storage during the cooler months.

Environmental Advantages

As a whole, the construction industry has the greatest environmental impact on the planet – even greater than transportation. Parex USA has always been focused on developing innovative, high performance products; but is also a leader in seeking innovative, environmentally friendly solutions. Dry-Tex is a perfect example of this commitment.

Less Packaging Means Less Impact on Landfills
Traditional plastic pails are big and bulky items that will end-up in landfills and take many decades to biodegrade. As a dry product, Dry-Tex is packaged in paper bags which can be recycled and will easily and quickly biodegrade.

Less VOCs Mean Less Air Contamination
As a dry product, Dry-Tex is VOC free. It does not require the raw materials containing VOCs found in traditional acrylic finishes. When the product is opened and mixed with water at the job site, less harmful vapors are emitted into the air. This creates a cleaner, safer environment.

Less Weight Means Less Fuel
By reducing the weight by 40% but not giving-up coverage, Dry-Tex delivers the same square footage for less fuel in transit.

Limitless Possibilities

High Performance Guaranteed
Dry-Tex may look different because it is delivered in dry form, but once hydrated it performs like any traditional wet acrylic finish. This product has been designed and tested to provide equal quality in handling, application, and flexibility. In fact, once hydrated on the job site, a seasoned applicator cannot tell the difference between Dry-Tex and a traditional wet acrylic product.

Less Packaging Means Less Impact on Landfills
Traditional plastic pails are big and bulky items that will end-up in landfills and take many decades to biodegrade. As a dry product, Dry-Tex is packaged in paper bags which can be recycled and will easily and quickly biodegrade.

Limitless Design Potential
Dry-Tex is available in several textures and can be matched to virtually any color. Architects and designers can mimic almost any look imaginable – from traditional stucco to lap sidings, to brick facades. Simply, there is no other acrylic finish on the market that offers many valuable benefits such as: freight savings, sustainable environmental and unlimited design capabilities.

Parex USA has raised the bar with the introduction of Dry-Tex . . . when less is more.